NSD gives you insights on the digital landscape of your industry, combining analytics and the latest digital trends. 

At NSD we set out to do is give 

  1. knowledge,
  2. a digital strategy
  3. confidence

with all these aspects together your business/ Personal brand will be set to take on the market with ease.


A website base is a brilliant place to centralist information, images and generally being contactable through this digital space. There are many different types of website for many different digital purposes for your business or brand.

home base – for basic information and to have your contact details along with your social media information
a digital hub for you business including a channel to perform various tasks such as email marketing, Blogging to all your customers( existing or potential), booking, online shop for your goods and digital downloadable
an online portal for an existing operations software there are many options , lets talk about it.

Do you want an app? We have a perfect set of individuals to set your business or brand up for the mobile space.

Android ( Apk for android TV boxes, wearable devices and mobile through self distribution, online distribution and on the android app store)

Apple ( wearable apps, I.O.S application and for the apple tv market, as with the apk, distribution methods can be by self, online and on the the apple market place )


Capturing a moment can shape perception. when you need ways to perfectly capture an idea, a moment or event. There are people with cameras( point and click), don’t waist your time. Photographers on the other hand understand the angles and how to achieve the best results with those angles.


Building a brand which resonates across cultures and evokes emotion does not happen by chance. Building a brand is efforts of strategic thinking and calculation. We help grow companies and personal brands through branding and Identity  development, your brand should evoke emotion, convey a certain quality, have characteristic which makes it special or unique.
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