Are you stumped about content marketing, digital marketing or generally what type of content your business your business should be posting? It seems like it’s all you hear about these days in digital marketing, digital marketing, digital marketing? but your not too sure how exactly to go about it, your not alone.

The question is, how can you make content marketing work for you?

1. Less Clickbait

Getting people to see your content is one of the hardest tasks out there. This problem led many marketers to use clickbait titles that encouraged people to read their articles.But people are starting to wise up, that stats are proving that. They want to read relevant content which is localosed to them and their area, not sensational headlines as such which may not not directly effect them without trickling down 4-5 levels.

Content creators will continue to create better content that people want to read. It’s what will bring people back to their sites and build up trust with their audiences.

2. Voice Search

As AI has improved over the past few years, it’s led to better voice search. More searches are now voice searches as a result.This change means that content marketers will need to start optimizing for voice SEO, even in africa.

People ask questions out loud differently than they type them. We will see new keywords to optimize for as a result.

3. Increase in Alternative Formats

Text has dominated the online space for a long time. That’s changing now.

Video for instance, is making up more consumption than ever, think about it. 45% of people watch more than an hour of video per day online i.e social media feeds or searching on the second largest search engine( youtube). This number is going to increase in the future, TRUST.

As this trend continues, content marketers will need to start using alternative content forms to reach their audience, be that video, audio ( podcasts ) and infographics.

4. Brand Building

The days of large brands dominating everything has changed online. It’s easier than ever for someone to set up shop and start selling.

But why would anyone buy from these small shops?

The key here is brand storytelling.

People love a good story. If you can come up with one, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, in the process building trust. Get this right, and you can compete in any market.

5. Data-Driven Decisions

Have you ever wondered if a content idea will work? The good news is with big data you can better predict that answer.

There is more data than ever on the internet. With it, we can look at trends, make accurate predictions, and measure performance. If you are not aware of this or how to do this, find some1 who can, big data is real and its relevant.

This change will lead to more data-driven decisions, and less throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks.

Content didn’t matter as much in the past. Websites posted short content and pointed links at it to get traffic from Google. Google’s Algorithm is much different and understanding their algorithms and how it affects your business goes a long way

Now that things have changed and Google is smarter, we can’t do that anymore. 

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